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Social Media

It seems like everybody is connected these day: Tweeting, udpating their Facebook status, checking into Foursquare.

These social networks are valuable to you and your business. You can use them to make your company stand out:

  • Promote your products to the people that follow you on Twitter.
  • Give special discounts for those that like your Facebook page.
  • Get the buzz going about the new things that are happening with your company.
I can help you do this and more. Contact me to find out how.

Social Addons for concrete5

Social media is so important that I've even created a few addons for concrete5 to make it easy to let your visitors interact on the social network of their choice. Find out more about Socializer, the social networking addon for concrete5, or my Foursquare addon that shows your company's Foursquare profile.