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Search Engine Optimization

You've got a great site. But what if nobody knows about it?

That's where Search Engine Optimization (or as I prefer to say, Search Experience Optimization) comes in. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more than keywords and meta descriptions, although those help. It is more about real content that people find useful, not computers.

SEO is, in reality, a moving target. What worked two years ago, even one year ago, may not work today. Search engines are becoming smarter and your SEO needs to be just as smart.

I'll help you discover ways of improving your search traffic, some of which you can implement yourself. Contact me to find out how I can help you optimize your website for today's search engines.

SEO Addon for concrete5

I've even built an SEO addon for use on sites running concrete5 or ComfyCMS. This addon helps you to use best practices, such as:

  • rel="author" links
  • OpenGraph tags for sharing on social networks like Facebook or Twitter
  • Automatic keyword generation
  • Missing meta keywords
  • Review the words most found on the page to make sure they match the meta keywords
  • Missing meta descriptions
  • An on-page SEO helper to discover the most problematic issues

This addon is available for purchase in the concrete5 Marketplace.