About Me

Dave_Red_Shirt_rectangle.pngcommunityLeader-offSite.pngMy name is . I've been working on websites since 1999, before Firefox and Chrome were even born. While working on a project for my previous employer, I was searching for the best content management system I could find. concrete5 seemed to be an ideal fit and I have now been working with it since 2008. I am a concrete5 community leader and actively support the community by helping in the concrete5 forum, creation of new addons and volunteering on concrete5's Peer Review Board to vet new additions to the concrete5 marketplace.

After over a decade of doing web design and programming, I became dissatisfied with the service that small businesses and non-profit organizations were getting. Small companies just don't have the resources or needs of larger organizations and I saw that they recieved either sub-par service, spent too much money, or both.

So that brings us to Sky Blue Sofa Web Design (originally Sollos Web Design). Founded in 2006 on the principles of quality, trustworthiness and cost-effectiveness; I strive to give you a great product at a great price. I am located in the Quad Cities and provide my services to local companies as well as working with clients at a distance.

I look forward to talking with you about how I can help create the web presence you need.

The Mission

Sky Blue Sofa is a web design company that is devoted to helping small businesses, non-profit organizations and ministries to reach their full potential on the internet. Our goal is to help our clients develop their brands on the internet quickly without pomp, headaches or a bunch of cash. If that's you, let me know how I can help.

Without Pomp

I won't come in, guns blazing, trying to show off what I know; you don't need that. I'll talk with you in plain english, not techno-babble.

Without Headaches

You do whatever you do...and do it well; I do web design and development. Your team and I will work together to figure out what you need without hassle then go to work and present you the solution.

Without a Bunch of Cash

Everyone (well maybe not Apple or Microsoft) is strapped for cash these days. I will work hard to get you the best bang for your buck. While I need to make a living, but don't expect you to be the golden pony. Check out my packages and prices.

My Specialties

My specialties are doing concrete5 websites and add-on development as well as PHP development but that's never stopped us from other development.